Welcome to the policy page of K&M. Here, you can find information on our policies for property management, tenant placement, and renovation services. We strive for transparency and clear communication, and these policies reflect our commitment to providing quality services to our clients.

Property Management Policies:

1. Tenant Screening: We conduct thorough background checks on all prospective tenants, which includes credit history, rental history, and employment verification to ensure that tenants meet our requirements.

2. Rent Collection: Rent is due on the first of every month and is considered late if not received by the fifth of the month. We enforce late fees to ensure that rent is paid on time.

3. Property Maintenance: We conduct regular inspections of all properties under our management to ensure that they are in good condition. We take care of all necessary maintenance to keep your property in good shape.

Tenant Placement Policies:

1. Advertising: Our advertising is designed to attract quality tenants who meet our tenant requirements.

2. Screening: As mentioned earlier, we conduct thorough background checks to ensure that prospective tenants meet our requirements.

3. Accuracy: We ensure that all information provided by tenants is accurate and complete before they sign a lease agreement.

Renovation Policies:

1. Communication: We communicate with clients throughout the renovation process, which includes providing regular updates on the progress and scheduling site visits as needed.

2. Budget Compliance: We work within your budget to provide the best renovations possible.

3. Quality: We strive for quality workmanship and materials to ensure that our renovations are completed to the highest of standards.

Thank you for entrusting K&M with your property management needs. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.